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Morgan for Sale in Michigan
  • City:Carsonville
  • Zip Code:
    Sale Price:$ 3,500.00
  • Gender:Stallion
  • Height:15.2
  • Foal Date: June, 2009
    Temperament:  3
  • Breed:
  • Registration(s):
    • American Morgan Horse Association
  • Markings:No markings
  • Attributes:
    • Homozygous
  • Disciplines:


This Stallion is excellent for sport and pleasure riding. His sire sold to Australia; however I don't know how much they payed for the horse. But i know the airplane ticket was $25,000. If someone would like to breed a good foundation bloodline in black color, this is a good choice. Please call for any questions. My phone number is (810)-956-6559.



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